Novartis Flucelvax Parallax Site Design

Novartis was seeking a way to educate the public about their advancements in flu vaccine technology. They developed Flucelvax, the first anti-biotic free, cell culture vaccine of its kind.  I helped envision Flucelvax’s web presence, and created a parallax home page experience that quickly tells the story of the brand.  The story is punctuated by the world’s first socially enabled flu tracker, which gathers Twitter data and parses it to predict localized flu outbreaks.  I also designed the site’s interactive timeline that leads the users through the history of influenza and the flu vaccine.
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Harvard Business School Interactive Pitch Book Design

As a companion piece to the HBS Alumi Campaign site, I helped develop digital pitch book brochures that further explore the details of the HBS Campaign.  The pitch books were designed so that an HBS representative can quickly present information to potential donors.  The experience is optimized to work on across multiple platforms, ensuring that it can be accessed on the go, from any device.
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